Budget 2015 : What Some People Are Calling It


Read what Tharman, PM Lee, Jamie Yeo and many others call the budget……

The Straits Times – `The middle-class’ Budget

The New Paper – `The middle-class’ Budget

Channel News Asia – `The middle-class’ Budget

Whoever is in-charged of MSM – `You-better-call-it-the-middle-class-budget’ Budget

The Hong Lim Parkers – `All-thanks-to-us-we-have-this-budget’ Budget

Santa Claus – `My-kind-of-budget’ Budget

Tharman – `Who-says-I-am-stingy?’ Budget

PM Lee `Oi-Tharman-don’t-think-I-am-sick-you-can-anyhow-suka-suka-spend-the-money’ Budget

Tharman – `Don’t-worry-PM-I-make-the-car-owners-pay-for-it-hahahaha’ Budget

Car owners – `’You-can-kiss-my-vote-goodbye’ Budget

The boys at Wake Up Singapore –`Yay!- I-can-ask-nenek-for-money-to-buy-hair-bleach’ Budget

M Ravi, get well soon bro!

President Tony Tan – `You-better-don’t-touch-the-reserves’ Budget

Tan Kin Lian – `Is-Tharman-from-Mumbai?’ Budget

Goh Meng Seng – `I-got-nothing-to-contribute’ Budget

Workers Party- `Whatevah!-we-will-support-the-budget’ Budget

Chee Soon Juan – `I-had-proposed-the-same-budget-in-1996’ Budget

The Singfirst Party – `Not-enough-to-replace-my-dentures’ Budget

Gilbert Goh -`Time-to-make-a-list-why-the-budget-is-nazi’ Budget

Jamie Yeo – `Nothing-for-sarong-party-girls?- WHAAAAAT!!??’ Budget

Rich people – `Time-to-under-declare-our-income-hahahaha-suckers!’ budget

Smokers and alcoholics – `Wah-heng-ah-they-forgot-about-us’ Budget

NEA officers -`Shit-now-must-work-harder-to-summon-smokers-to-finance-the-budget’ Budget

LTA officers – `Shit-now-must-work-harder-to-summon-motorists-to-finance-the-budget’ Budget

Police officers – `Heng-ah-now-we-don’t-issue-summons-liao’ Budget

Senior citizens -`Next-year-then-get money?-If-I-die-now-how?’ Budget

Maids – `Now-my-boss-can-afford-to-extend-my-contract-so-I-can-continue-meet-my-bangla-boyfriend’ Budget

Foreign workers – “Now-my-boss-can-afford-to-extend-my-contract-so-I-can-continue-meet-my-Indon/Filipin-girfriends’ Budget

Roy Ngerng – `How-come-no-subsidy-to-go-Norway?’ Budget

Han Hui Hui – `How-come-no-subsidy-for-Roy-to-go-Norway’ Budget

Alex Tan – `LKY-funeral-budget’ Budget

The Real Singapore – `It-is-to-benefit-the-foreigners’ Budget

Ai Takagi – `The-Japanese-budget-is-better’ Budget

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