How Hard Can A Toothless Tiger Bite? – CASE VS Oil Firms


I am scuuuurred….

SINGAPORE: The consumer watchdog here has accused some petrol companies of profiteering, after petrol prices across the island were raised on Tuesday (Feb 25) by up to S$0.25 for a litre of 98-octane grade petrol and as much as S$0.18 for 95-octane grade petrol – a day after it was announced in the Budget statement that petrol duty rates would be increased with immediate effect.

Noting that some of the petrol prices were raised beyond the levels of the duty hike, Mr Seah Seng Choon, executive director of the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE), said it was understandable for the petrol companies to increase prices following the levy hike. But he pointed out: “They should not increase more than what the tax requires them to and if they do that, they are profiteering from the situation.”

“Aiyah what can CASE do?” asked Malcolm See, 43, a businessman.

“They could not even handle the cheating cases at Sim Lim Square and now they wanted to go against multi-billion dollar oil companies?”

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