Cliff Richard Investigated For Gay Paedophile Offence


The young ones…

The police investigation into singer Sir Cliff Richard for a sex crime involving a young boy has “increased significantly in size” and involves “more than one allegation”, a police chief has revealed.

South Yorkshire’s Chief Constable David Crompton said he could not give a date for when the probe would end, due to its “expanding nature”.

Sir Cliff, 74, has hit back at the claims put against him, which he said were “absurd and untrue”.

Last year, police interviewed the singer under caution regarding a claim of a sex crime involving a young boy in the 1980s, but he was not arrested or charged.

In a letter to chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, Keith Vaz, Mr Crompton said the force was in regular contact with Sir Cliff’s lawyers.

But the entertainer said in a statement that he had not been given details of the allegations against him.

Sir Cliff said: ““I have no idea where these absurd and untrue allegations come from. The police have not disclosed details to me. I have never, in my life, assaulted anyone and I remain confident that the truth will prevail. I have cooperated fully with the police, and will, of course, continue to do so.

“Beyond stating that the allegations are completely false, it would not be appropriate for me to say anything further until the investigation has concluded, which I hope will be very soon. In the meantime, I would, again, like to thank everyone for supporting me through this unbelievably difficult period,” the statement said.

“This is an investigation which has increased significantly in size since its inception. Sir Cliff Richard’s lawyers are aware that there is more than one allegation,” Mr Crompton said.

He added: “In view of the expanding nature of the investigation, it would be premature and potentially misleading to predict a likely date when it will be concluded; however, we are progressing as swiftly as possible.”

Cliff’s music career started back in the late-1950’s with Rock ‘n’ Roll hits like ‘Move It’ and ‘Summer Holiday’ with backing group The Shadows, he was dubbed “The British Elvis”.

“Oh no not him,” said Jennifer Liam, 78 a retired seamstress.

“Now if I listen to his song `With The Eyes Of A Child’, I don’t know how to feel.”

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