MacDonald’s Named As Best Slave Driver Of The Year



SINGAPORE – Fast food giant McDonald’s Restaurants was named “Best of the Best” employer in Singapore in global HR management and consulting firm Aon Hewitt’s ranking of the best employers here for 2015.

Aon Hewitt said its 3 criteria for Best Employer are:

  1. The organization inspires strong commitment and superior performance from its people;
  2. It drives business results through effective people practices; and,
  3. It manages its business in ways that build long-term success and sustainability.

“Best employers clearly achieve better business results compared to market,” said Mr Jeremy Andrulis, South-east Asia’s chief executive for Aon Hewitt Consulting. “We found that (the) best employers in Singapore achieve significant higher growth in their income profits when compared to market average.”

“This makes becoming a ‘Best Employer’ a business agenda and not just an HR agenda,” he added.

“I don’t know man,” said Gilbert Tan,37 an engineer.

“There is not a single criteria that measures employees’ satisfaction. All the criteria point to profit, profit, profit.”

“Looks like it is more a measurement for slave driver than employer,” he added.

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