Sorry No Cure! – SMRT Apologised For Sub-Standard Service While LTA Echoed What Commuters Have Been Saying For Years


Ka Kin Tampok! #SMRTmovies

SINGAPORE: As a result of the third incident on the SMRT rail network since winning the global award for risk excellence (or something of that useless nature), Desmond Kuek, SMRT Corporation president and group chief executive officer, issued a statement saying: “We apologise for the rail incidents over the past week. The SMRT team will stay focused on safety and reliability improvements as we work to renew Singapore’s ageing rail network to the benefit of our commuters.”

Meanwhile, LTA are investigating the recent spate of train service disruptions on SMRT’s rail network and plan to review the operator’s resources and processes for maintaining the rail system.

Calling the situation “unacceptable”, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) said it has asked SMRT to investigate the disruptions — with two incidents on Tuesday (March 3) bringing the count to five in nine days — and provide a full account.

“The LTA will be working with SMRT on the immediate remedial actions to turn around the situation,” a spokesperson said on Tuesday. “We intend to review again SMRT’s management of resources and processes for the maintenance of the rail system.”

“Sorry only ha?” asked Timothy Foo, 34 an engineer.

“Sorry can solve all the problem is it?”

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