Sylvia Lim Likes It Curved To The Left – She Is Talking About The Budget Of Course!


So why am I here….?

SINGAPORE: Members of Parliament from the opposition Workers’ Party (WP) have welcomed this year’s Budget, describing it as a “shift to the left”, to mitigate Singapore’s income inequality.

In particular, they pointed to two key initiatives – SkillsFuture and the Silver Support Scheme.

WP Chairman Sylvia Lim said that together, the new schemes are important for “social solidarity”, and a shift to the left is the right thing to do.

Said Ms Lim, who is the MP for Aljunied GRC: “This Budget explicitly talks about strengthening social safety nets. This suggests a shift to the left, a direction that I believe is right. A shift to the left is not desired for its own sake, but because it can build confidence in the people.”

“People who have safety nets are more willing to make choices with longer-term pay-offs, like taking time out for training, being an entrepreneur or taking risks to innovate at work. Countries with good records on innovation and productivity tend to have strong safety nets. A shift to the left does not necessarily undermine economic performance, but could well enhance it,” she added.

Dorothy Tan, 45 a housewife, asked: “So what’s the purpose of the Workers’ Party if what they do is just to agree with the government?”

“We would like to know whether the WP could come out a budget of their own.”

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