And Now For The Excuse – MRT’s Service Sucks Because It Is Old


That’s a new station by the way….

SINGAPORE: Two disruptions brought SMRT trains to a stop on Tuesday (Mar 3), bringing the number to five – in the space of just one week. While commuters and the Land Transport Authority have expressed dissatisfaction, one analyst has said SMRT faces several constraints.

Professor Lee Der Horng from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the National University of Singapore, said SMRT faces several challenges. He said the demands on the public transport system means operators have less than four hours to carry out maintenance work.

This is compounded by the complexity of the work and manpower constraints. Land scarcity is also a factor.

Explained Prof Lee: “When we design our MRT system, we may not have the luxury to prepare backup tracks. But in other countries – during the designing stage – they have already thought of this. (This) means that in the future, as and when necessary, if they would have to close down certain tracks, they still have other backup tracks for them to carry out servicing, without causing disruption to the existing revenue service.”

He suggested that it may be necessary to close the system for longer periods of time to carry out essential maintenance.

“What a cock-and-bull story,” said Peter Oon, 46 a storekeeper.

“The only reason why the MRT sucks is because the two transport operators want to maximise profit.”

“They should have bus services that run parallel to the MRT lines. This will alleviate the congestion and also allow the MRT to be shutdown earlier for maintenance.”

“But they don’t want to because running extra buses would cost them money!”

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