Teo Soh Lung – The Missing Agent Of Change


Snap out of it…!

By: B Goode

With the elections around the corner, or so it seems, politicians young and old are coming out to be seen and heard. Just the other week Mohd Jufrie Mahmood appeared at Hong Lim Park. And I have to admit, he is still as fiery as ever. He reminds me a little bit of Anwar Ibrahim. A very good orator.

And then you have the others such as Ravi Philemon who have decided to move to SPP because he loves the Chiams. And of course poor Uncle Goh Meng Seng is still soliciting for a political party.

And the SDP and Chee Soon Juan have already made their entry into the fray with a rehashed economic agenda.

Heck! Even the PAP women’s wing has made some noises about husbands, full-time housewives and CPF. I don’t even know they existed until now, but elections are coming and if you need to kiss some asses then more power to you.

One personality missing thus far is Teo Soh Lung. I have been wondering as to what has happened to her since her participation in the previous elections under SDP ticket in Yuhua constituency. I remember then she was championing for change and was so energised in telling the Yuhua residents that she’d work hard for them and all that stuff to win their votes.

Unfortunately she only managed to garner 33% of the votes. I wonder if she’d have gotten more if not because of SDP. After all, SDP was then not as popular as the WP. They are still not.

Last I heard, she has resigned from SDP and has decided to dedicate her time with Function 8. Function 8 as some of you would know, is an organisation of activists that wants to `reboot’ the society through critical thinking and discussions. That is very admirable and it should be encouraged.

Unfortunately though, Teo Soh Lung doesn’t seem to embody the noble visions of Function 8. All she cares about is her past detention and continues to harp on the so-called injustices done to her. The problem is that, no matter how much she reminisces, it will not alter the fact that she had been detained.

It would have been much better if she were to move on and look into the current issues such as the less fortunate, the elderly, the rising cost of living and so on. It is about time that she stops crying and starts to listen to the cries of others especially that of the 33% of Yuhua residents who had voted for her. Wallowing in self-pity will not change anything.

If she is as noble as she wants us to believe, then perhaps she should snap herself out of the past no matter how painful the memories were, and work hard to get elected into parliament. Only then can the calls for justice, human rights and help for the poor and unfortunate be heard. It is sad but true that she and her Function 8 colleagues have their priority wrong.

Whilst Low Thia Khiang and his WP members are conscientiously working the ground and taking notes of the woes facing Singaporeans, Teo and her Function 8 friends choose to hold discussions in their cushy air-conditioned office.

That is not democracy. That is armchairmanship.

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