The House That A Japanese Troll Built

troll house

My precious….

The owner of troll site The Real Singapore is said to own a house worth S$379,000 in the posh area of Brisbane, Australia.

Ai Takagi, a Japanese who is now an Australian citizen said to have bought the house in December 2013 with her wannabe erotic writer lover Robin Yang.

The media was alerted to the address of Miss Ai Takagi and Mr Robin Yang Kaiheng by Mr Joshua Chern, a fellow Singaporean student there.

Following an alleged business dispute with Mr Yang, Mr Chern hired a private investigator to track him down.

He said: “My sister met Robin in Brisbane and then he asked her to invest in ‘boboshooter’, a business selling game consoles and other gaming accessories.

“He took A$2,000 (S$2,130) from her and promised her a share in the business and that he would use the money to develop and grow the business.”

But they had a falling out and Mr Chern claimed Mr Yang began avoiding them. That was when they hired the investigator.

The Real Singapore is an anti-Singapore website that publishes distortions and fabrications to attract the attention of internet trolls.

“This is a classic case of trolls getting trolled,” said Jeremy Yap, a professional dancer.

“Here they are complaining about foreigners and high cost of living to a website owned by a foreigner who is living it up in Australia on the income generated from delusional Singaporeans.”

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