Toughen Yourself By Taking The School Bus – NMP Tan Tai Yong

toilet trainig

Should install this in all schools instead…

SINGAPORE: NMP Tan Tai Yong said that the Government needs to ensure that Singaporeans remain resilient as he shared examples on what he felt could be done to “toughen up” Singaporeans and make them more adaptable to change.

“We can try this. We can get parents and schools into the act – should more students take the school bus to school, rather than being chauffeured by their parents. Only 20 per cent of primary school-going children take the school bus to school.

When interviewed, Ronald Gan, 74 a retired Policeman said: “I don’t know what medicine the MP is taking but I would like to have some.”

“How can a child be toughened if he is to take a school bus?”

“You want to toughen him up? Ask him to take the MRT every morning during peak hours.”

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