And This Is Why Your Maid Would Want To Kill You – Maid Told To Clean Canal By Employer


I will use this water to make coffee for my sir….

SINGAPORE: A maid has been spotted cleaning the canal and wiping tree leaves – on her employer’s orders – to prevent mosquitoes from breeding near Lorong Chuan.

Residents have seen the maid in Colchester Grove entering the canal, which is 3m deep and 4m wide, to clean it with a trowel. She has also been seen many times carrying a cloth and bucket of water to a nearby park to clean the leaves of the plants there.

One resident was so puzzled by her actions that he took photos of her and went to the house she worked at to ask what was going on.

The maid told the resident that she had “nothing to do”, having finished all her household chores, so her employer asked her to clean the canal.

Her employer admitted that he had let her clean the canal, saying that it was to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes.

“What’s wrong with that?” he asked.

When interviewed, Georgina Tan, 34 a bank officer said that she would never ever ask her maid to do such things.

“When you abused your maid, you could never know what she’d put inside your coffee or food.”

“She might spit or urinate in them and might even kill you if she was so depressed.”

“And I hope she does.”

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