Pole-Dancing Will Not Be Included In SkillsFuture’s Approved Courses



SINGAPORE – A diverse range of courses will be offered under the SkillsFuture Credit scheme, said Manpower Minister Tan Chuan-Jin on Monday.

They will be in areas like aerospace, Information Technology (IT), and early childhood education, and also include courses in languages and culinary skills, which “some may have a strong interest for and wish to explore career opportunities in”, he said in Parliament.

The SkillsFuture scheme will give more than 2 million Singaporeans aged 25 and above an initial $500 credit to use on approved courses. This is part of the drive to help Singaporeans keep mastering new skills for the workplace.

“We must ensure that the course offerings are of high quality, a wide variety, and delivered through multiple modes of learning,” said Mr Tan during the debate on the Ministry of Manpower’s annual budget.

“Boring! Boring! Boring!” said Anita Sabah, 25 an aerobic instructor.

“So I guess we can say goodbye to pole-dancing, slimming and belly dancing courses.”

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