What’s The Point Of having Two Eyes When You Can See With Only One? – Malaysian Airlines’ Logic

tidak apa

Problem? What problem…..?

KUALA LUMPUR – Malaysia Airlines said on Monday that an expired battery in the underwater locator beacon of the “black box” flight data recorder on missing flight MH370 would have made no difference in the search for the plane.

A 584-page interim report into the disappearance of the Boeing 777-200ER, released on Sunday, said the beacon battery for the flight data recorder had expired in December 2012 and was not replaced. The beacon is designed to send a signal if a crash occurs in water.

The oversight was blamed on a failure to properly update a computer system in the engineering department of Malaysia Airlines, Malaysia’s Department of Civil Aviation said in Sunday’s report.

Malaysia Airlines (MAS) said in a statement on Monday that a similar beacon was also installed with the solid state cockpit voice recorder (SSCVR) and its battery life was still good. “The SSCVR battery would have been transmitting for 30 days upon activation when immersed in water,” MAS said in the statement.

“MH370 incident clearly showed the ineptitude of the Malaysian government,” said Jai Arul Prakash, 42 a civil engineer.

“Their `tidak apa’ attitude is really frightening.”

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