This Is Not A Video Game, Kid – Australian teenager dies in Iraq suicide bomb attack for militant group


Hope you meet the virgins in heaven….

An Australian teenager who joined Isis has died in a suicide bomb attack on Iraqi army forces, according to the extremist militant group.

Jake Bilardi, 18, identified by his Isis name Abu Abdullah al-Australi, was pictured behind the wheel of a battered white van, before apparently launching his attack in Anbar province, west of Baghdad, in information posted online.

He dropped out of school in Melbourne last year and travelled to Iraq via Turkey. He converted to Islam after the death of his mother in 2009.

Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs told ABC News that it was very difficult to confirm reports of deaths in Syria and Iraq. Mr Bilardi reportedly contacted his family after he arrived in Iraq to say he was planning a “martyrdom mission”, but later said he was “too scared to do it” and preferred to be a soldier.

Before news of his death, Angela Scaffidi, who met Mr Bilardi in 2012 when he was an intern at corporate communications firm Senate SHJ, identified a photograph of al-Australi as the boy she met three years previously.

“Oh God. Yes, that’s Jake. That’s horrendous,” she told ABC. “He did some work experience with us. He was quite a talented writer and a nice young man.”

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