Why Are Government-Linked Agencies And Companies Advertising In The Real Singapore Which Is Anti-Singapore?



Stop feeding the japanese troll…..

By: B Goode

The troll website, The Real Singapore is now under investigations for sedition for trying to provoke racial strife.

It is not about being anti-government per se. That’s alright. It is in the nature of politics to have dissenting and opposing views. We are after all, living in a democracy.

But that website is more than being anti-government. It is being anti-Singapore in so much as to publish articles that challenge the very tenets of our nation. Articles such as those condemning National Service, articles that seemed to provoke racial strife for which they are now being investigated, and articles that gave a bad spin to Singapore’s image.

And most importantly, the foreign owner of the website, who is an Australian national of Japanese descent, allows inflammatory, derogatory, slanderous and seditious comments to be published without any moderation. It has become a hotbed for trolls who, under the cloak of anonymity, have used it as a platform to spew vicious comments without any thought about the adverse effect on the country’s wellbeing.

And the website welcomes this because all it cares about is eyeballs. The owner is a foreigner without any interest for the wellbeing of the country. All she cares about is the income derived from advertisement. The more eyeballs, the more money she’ll pocket.

And so why are government-linked agencies and companies advertising in The Real Singapore? Why are, directly or indirectly, taxpayers money being used to support a website that is hell-bent at wrecking the country?

It is one thing to want to reach to as large an audience as possible. But it is another thing to associate yourself with a website that makes its living from ridiculing and condemning the country and its people that made you.

By advertising in that website, you are not only wasting funds that could be better used elsewhere, but you are also supporting the website financially and condoning its editorial stance which is to deride, mock and scorn Singapore.

Stop feeding the troll.

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