WTF Of The Day! – Rotiboy’s Screwed-Up Mom


Ugly as fuck….

By: Arthur Ah Ter Kia

If my teenaged son has gotten into trouble with the Police especially after slashing someone with a bread knife, I’d call him to one side, give a good kick up his back-side and say: “a bread knife? A BREAD KNIFE? Really? Why not a parang?!”

Nah. I am joking. But I’d still give him a kick up his ass and maybe a slap or two.

But not the mother of the ITE student Muhammad Zuhairie Adely Zulkifli, 16 who was filmed slashing another boy with a bread knife.

In her facebook postings in Malay filled with vulgarities, Rotiboy’s mother who goes by the nickname Cherry Rocher Yohaida (she must be high on cherry coke and Ferrero Rocher when she came up with that name) not only did not chide her son for his misdeed, but instead cheered him on.

Alamak kakak! Don’t act fierce leh! Just because you got tattoos all over the place doesn’t mean you are a gangsta! It just means you are stupid and a very bad mother.

Imagine during sentencing, the mother tells the judge : “ Your Honour. Please be lenient to my son. I promise that I will take care good care of him and make sure that he will behave himself.”

The judge looks at the mother and reads her facebook postings and replies: “Nah. I think he is much safer in the Reformative Training Centre.”


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