WTF Of The Day! – JERREL PHUA SONG YAN, Too Sexy For A Taxi


Fat tub of lard…….

By: Arthur Ah Ter Kia

Dude. You’ve just got rekt!

Your asshatery has been exposed and so are your nipples. You can deactivate your facebook account but unfortunately you can’t deactivate dat face!

I know that working as a nurse can be stressful, having to wipe other people’s ass after they are done with shitting, but to let it go onto a taxi driver? You are nothing but an asswipe; a bottom-feeder. You are the thing that floats in my toilet bowl after I had too much cabbage.

And now that your personal particulars are all over the place, the internet gangsters are going after your ass. Good luck to you.

But because this website is a responsible one, I would like to give some advice to the internet mob that is baying for your blood.

Please people. PLEASE DO not do the following:

  • Order pizzas, fried chicken or burgers to his home
  • Send obscene messages to him in the middle of the night
  • Call his service provider to subscribe to some extra plans
  • Write to his employer
  • Write to all the taxi operators to have him banned from booking a cab
  • Complain to the Nursing Board
  • Make a Grindr account
  • Advertise him on craiglist

Seriously. Just don’t!

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