Do Note If You Are Going To Kelantan For Whatever Inexplicable Reason – Kelantan state assembly passes hudud bill


To each his own…

KOTA BHARU:  Malaysia’s northeastern state of Kelantan passed amendments to a bill on Thursday (Mar 19) that could see the introduction of an Islamic criminal code in the state.

The Syariah Criminal Code II 1993 outlines punishments ranging in severity according to the crime such as amputations and death by stoning. Islamist party PAS tabled amendments to the bill with full support from the state legislative assembly – including state opposition UMNO.

Hudud or Islamic Law imposes harsh punishment for some crimes such as hand amputation for theft and death by stoning for rape.

“It will not affect me,” said Ahmad Rustam, 32 an engineer.

“I will definitely not go to Kelantan as there is nothing there.”

“Most importantly, I don’t intend to commit any crime in the foreseeable future.”

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