Some Of Our Ministers Could learn Something From This Guy About Communication

We could only wish….

By: Ben Afflicted

Sometimes when I heard what came out from our Ministers’ mouth, I cringed. It was either they have lost touch with the ground, or they simply lacked the communication skills.

I don’t know. Whatever it is, I think perhaps our Ministers should use their SkillsFuture entitlement to enrol in communication courses.

Just a few examples:

Khaw Boon Wan telling AHPETH officials to commit hara-kiri whilst the people responsible for the running of the trains are snuggling up in the comfort of their offices.

Chan Chun Sing congratulating the residents of The Pinnacle for making a profit by playing `tikam-tikam’ when the people are groaning about the HDB skyrocketing prices.

Tan Chuan Jin schooling the people about mathematics when the mathematics actually point to the high cost of living.

Josephine Teo saying that National Servicemen should not expect a big allowance because they are serving the nation whilst the ministers are all paid by the millions.

Communication is an art. And Ministers must muster this art so that they will not end up looking like fools, thus causing their gaffes to drown whatever messages they are trying to deliver.

Just look at the video above. Did the interpreter succeed in doing his job? Yes.

Did he captivate us? Yes.

Did we hate him? No.

While we don’t expect our ministers to dance and prance, we don’t expect them to express gobbledegook either.

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