What Would You Do If You Couldn’t Find A Mate To Breed With? – Say That You Are Altruistic Like Han Hui Hui


Any takers…..?

By: Meena Current

Who would have thunk that Han Hui Hui actually had a uterus? Or the urge to breed? Or the yearning to have sex?

For that matter, who would want to have sex with her? Even if she were to wear sailormoon dress and pretended to be a Lolita sucking on a pink lollypop she would still be Han Hui Hui.

Sorry. I need to take a moment to bleach my mind off the mental image of Han Hui Hui spread-eagled as a silverback humps on her and hearing the screech of `Return Our CPF”.

Am I being rude? You damn right I am!

This is the bitch who spoke for the death of LKY. No matter how much you hated a man, you’d never ever wish death upon that person.

And this is the bitch from across the causeway who became a citizen of Singapore because no Malaysian men would want to touch her with a ten-foot pole. And realising that no Singaporean men would want to touch her too, released her pent-up sexual frustration on whomever and whatever that crossed her path.

Seriously, let me introduce you to this. It will keep you calm and serene and be your trusted companion during your lonely nights.


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