The Picture That Shames a Few Ingrates


True blue fighter….

And by ingrates we meant people like Goh Meng Seng, Kenneth Jeyaratnam, Tan Kin Lian et al and a few hobos such as Han Hui Hui and Alfian Sa’at. .

This is what politics is about. Fight the good fight but when the time comes to pay respect, do so as fellow humans.

That is why you all can never be taken seriously.

That is why we salute Chiam See Tong. He has been at the end of LKY’s acerbic tongue. Many times. Yet, he has the humility to pay respect to his adversary.

And honourable mention to all the leaders of the main opposition parties; WP and SDP for being able to put politics aside, at least for a moment and give due credit and homage to the man who had put Singapore on the world map.

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