Bitch Fight! – Blogger Grace Tan files for protection order against Xiaxue

grace xiaxue

Not the face. Not the face….!

SINGAPORE: Author and blogger Grace Tan has applied for a protection order against fellow blogger Wendy Cheng – better known by her moniker Xiaxue – in what the former described as a stand against cyberbullying.

Ms Cheng, in turn, intends to contest the application. While she declined to comment as the case is ongoing, her lawyer Fong Wei Li of Fortis Law Corporation said Ms Cheng has received the originating summons and affidavit and plans to contest the application. Ms Cheng is due in court on Apr 15, he added.

In a blogpost on Monday (Mar 30), Ms Tan said she had filed court papers against Ms Cheng, accusing her of making defamatory, libellous and abusive comments about her. “Anyone else who follows her lead will similarly be held accountable in court,” she said, adding: “Because I am still reeling from the shock of reading the malicious words used, I shall, at present, not reproduce them here.”

In the post, she also noted the nicest thing Ms Cheng had said to her was to call the number of Instagram followers she had pathetic, despite knowing it was one of the social media platforms Ms Tan was least active on. “I have over 13,000 followers on Facebook and over 139,000 on migme, but she chose to ignore them,” Ms Tan said.

Ms Cheng’s “malicious words” had caused her stress, embarrassment, fear and anxiety, which had adverse effects on her health, Ms Tan added.

Ms Tan said the circumstances have made her more empathetic towards victims of cyberbullying. “If you are being cyberbullied or if you think you are having an ordeal, stand up for yourself and apply for a Protection Order,” she wrote.

Last month, Ms Cheng herself filed for a Protection Order against satirical group SMRT (Ltd) Feedback.

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