Is It Time To Revamp Our Laws Governing Paedophiles?


Think of the children….

By: B Goode

The recent spate of paedophile cases is worrying. What is more worrying is the seemingly lenient sentence meted out to the perpetrators.

In one case, Chan Chun Hong was jailed for four years and eight months and a fine of $8000 for several counts of organising commercial child sex tour overseas.

And in another, a 27 year old man was sentenced to four years jail after having sex with a 14 year old girl and threatening to upload videos of them having sex.

In both cases, no caning was meted out.

Putting it in context, an offence of vandalism carries a mandatory caning. And yet, a sexual offence involving children does not.

I am not questioning the decision made by the learned judges. After all, the judges’ duty is to interpret the laws before them. If the laws are lenient, then their sentencing would have to be so.

What I am asking is for the laws to be overhauled considering the fact that in this time of internet freedom, children are more exposed to sexual predators. Therefore they need to be more protected against paedophiles.

In the UK for example, the laws governing paedophiles and offences against children are stricter. For a start, they have a registry where the names of all convicted paedophiles are registered and parents have access to the registry in that they could request for the persons who are working with their children such as private tutors or swimming instructors to be screened with the registry.

And convicted paedophiles are not allowed to work in jobs that require them to interact with children. And they are also prevented from loitering in areas where children congregate such as the playground.

Let’s be honest. If the government could take the time and effort to come out with the much maligned alcohol consumption bill, why not re-evaluate the laws governing paedophiles?

In an over-crowded country with easy access to the internet, and with both parents working leaving latchkey kids to fend for themselves, the children become easy targets for sexual groomers and paedophiles.

We have to start thinking more of the children and less of where and when adults could smoke or drink.

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