I Am So Fed-Up That The PAP Can Kiss My Vote Goodbye!


See what……?

By: Meena Current

Every day. Twice a day, five days a week, every week! All-year round.

How I wished my sex life was like that so I did not have to rant.

I am a working woman. I work hard for my money. And if you were like me, you would too because it is not cheap to maintain a body with sagging breasts and curvaceous ass that refused to curve anymore. And the price of the potions and lotions that I had to lather on my face to make it smooth and shiny is not going down south like my mammary glands are.

But at least I have breasts unlike that hamster from across the road. And I am proud of the way I looked. I could still solicit stares from uncles without having to stand on stage and shout anti-government slogans.

My only regret is that I do not have a sugar daddy or some `old money’ or be a tai-tai so that I could while away the time, sipping wine on the veranda while typing poetic justice about Lee Kuan Yew and his errant ways.

Nope. Somebody has got to work.

So every morning I had to traverse the length of Singapore from my home to my office, changing trains twice. And it got me mad every….single….time. At the interchanges, I would be lucky, extremely lucky if I could board the first train that came. Usually it would be the fifth. And it would be so crowded that I would not be able to move. It would be an exaggeration to say that I could not breathe. I could still breathe. Someone else’s breath.

There would be nothing that I could do. I couldn’t read the news from my smartphone. I couldn’t sms or facebooking. I could only twiddle my thumbs and toes and hope that I don’t faint.

Sometimes when I could feel someone grabbing my ass from behind, I couldn’t even turn around to say thank you.

And I’d curse and swear at the government. I had to blame someone and it certainly wasn’t my fault to have to squeeze my plus-size body to get to work on time to support the economy. I couldn’t afford to take taxi every day and despite what the government wants you to believe, there is no competition between the transport companies. There is not much of a choice. It’s either taking the crowded train or taking MC.

And I am sure I am not the only one. And I had to repeat the same ritual of waiting, queueing, squeezing and cursing in the evening when I had to get back home.

So I’d get stressed out before I even got to office, and I’d be stressed when I got home. No amount of lavender oil could help to soothe the anger festering inside of me. The only thing that would help would be for me to meditate and slowly repeat the mantra:

Fuck the PAP. Fuck the PAP. Fuck the PAP.

A few hundred times.

Replace the word `PAP’ with `me’ and that would be my mantra for the weekend. But I digress.

The government must realise that all this cursing and stress is not good for the people and for them. Because it shows a failure on their part to perform a job that they are elected to do, and that is to provide a liveable condition for the people.

If they could spend billions of dollars to provide ample lighting for the streets and HDB blocks, why couldn’t they spend a billion more to provide adequate public transportation for us?

I agree that the MRT has reached saturation point and we have to wait a few more years for the parallel lines to be completed. But how about now?

Why couldn’t they provide more buses to run parallel to the MRT lines to take off some load from the trains? Or provide express bus services from the outskirts to the city centre?

You know why? Because it would cost money, that’s why. Yes they have spent some money for extra buses and trains but obviously that’s not enough.

If that’s all they think about, money money money than I have some bad news for them. If they ever wondered why the people are increasingly fed-up with them, try taking the trains every day to and from their plushy homes and their cushy offices. They too will get fed-up.

And all this unhappiness and stress will spill over to other issues as well. It might seem petty but people are fed-up.

I am so fed-up right now that I think I might put on my high heels and hoodie and protest in front of the Istana about, erm, something. It will come to me.

In fact, I am so fed-up right now that I know who I am not voting for in the coming elections.

You can take your money and shove up your ass for all I care!

Excuse me while I continue with my mantra….

/End rant.

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