In News That Makes Us Go Hmmmm: Dr M Meets Najib To `Slow-talk’


Settlement talk…..?

KUALA LUMPUR — Prime Minister Najib Razak has held a one-to-one meeting with his staunchest critic, Dr Mahathir Mohamed over the latter’s attacks, Barisan Nasional (BN) Backbenchers Club chief Shahrir Samad revealed today (April 6).

“I had asked Najib (about the meeting) and he said Dr Mahathir was hot and cold,” Mr Shahrir told reporters in press conference on the sidelines in Parliament today.

He said that besides Mr Najib, BN’s backbenchers and other MPs have also met the former prime minister of 22 years to hear him out.

“Dr Mahathir does not know what we do at the grassroots level as he is at the top, while we are at the bottom.

“When people at the top talk, they do not take into account the reality down here. That is why we normally keep quiet. But now we are speaking up,” said Mr Shahrir.

He added that it was time for BN Members of Parliament (MPs) to voice their opinion in light of Dr Mahathir’s increasingly strident criticism of Mr Najib, which Mr Shahrir said is turning personal.

Two days ago, Dr Mahathir called on Mr Najib to resign, saying that the BN would lose if the latter were to remain as Prime Minister and Umno president.

“We are not MPs who are blindly supporting Mr Najib. We stand by him because we see the changes that he is bringing and we like it,” Mr Shahrir said.

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