Singapore girls are stunning, says Top Model judge Alex Perry

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Foreign fashion gurus have, in the past, dissed Singaporeans for having poor taste in fashion.

In 2012, French designer Roland Mouret spoke about the many “fashion disasters” he saw during his stay here, particularly men with “the wrong shorts and the flip-flops”.

A year later, Taiwanese style expert and TV host Pauline Lan gave women in Singapore a measly score of three out of 10 for fashion sense.

But top Australian fashion designer Alex Perry has come to Singapore’s defence, saying it would be “wrong to generalise a whole culture or country that way”. He says: “There’s going to be good and bad in every country. People are always saying Australians dress too casually too and that they look like they’re going to the beach.

“So you will have people who dress good and bad, no matter where you go. In Paris, you will also have people who dress badly.”

Perry, who has dressed models and celebrities Elle Macpherson, Jennifer Lopez and Nelly Furtado, adds: “I’ve seen hundreds of women who dress beautifully in Singapore. So I can’t agree with any people who say otherwise.”

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