Super Secretive New Police Operations Command Centre Opens


Is it underground….?

SINGAPORE: The Singapore Police Force’s Police Operations Command Centre (POCC) was declared officially open by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Monday (Apr 6).

In a Facebook post on Monday evening, PM Lee said: “The POCC is the new nerve centre of the Singapore Police Force. It monitors events big and small, including taking 999 calls, and coordinates the police response to them.”

Mr Lee noted that police officers are now equipped with IT and 3G comms, which are linked to the POCC. At the centre, he and Deputy Prime Minster and Coordinating Minister for National Security Teo Chee Hean got a look at the new camera police officers will wear on duty. They also saw officers monitoring CCTVs at Clarke Quay and Orchard Towers “so that the police can respond quickly to any incident”.

“Deeply appreciate their efforts to keep Singapore safe,” added Mr Lee.

The location of the new POCC has not been disclosed and this had led to ridicule from some quarters.

“Aiyah. My husband is a policeman,” said Theresa Lim, 35.

“Tonight I will sayang-sayang him and ask him for the location and I will tell all my friends.”

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