Another Scandal Brewing Up North – Body Of Mysterious Woman Found 3 Days After Heli Crash



KAJANG: The sixth victim is confirmed to be a woman but police are unable to confirm if it’s Aidana Baivieza, as reported earlier.

Selangor Police Chief Datuk Seri Abdul Samah Mat confirmed that the sixth victim unidentified in the helicopter crash on Saturday as certainly a woman.

“However at this point police cannot confirm if the woman is Aidana, as claimed.

“We have a lead, but we still need DNA testing to confirm the identity of the victim,” he told reporters at the crash site earlier.

Abdul Samah also said that a woman’s handbag was found at the crash site.

He however declined to reveal the handbag’s contents.

He added that Aidana’s step sister had gone to the Hospital Kuala Lumpur mortuary in the morning at 11am to help in the identification process but they needed a closer relation to match the DNA to.

“Step sister can be matched but the result may not be 100 percent accurate,” he said.

Initially the helicopter crash was thought to have killed 5 people including a former minister and an aide to PM Najib. It has now been disclosed that a sixth victim was also amongst the dead.

This disclosure, 3 days after the incident set the internet on fire with allegations that the government was trying to cover-up the identity of the woman. Questions remain as to why the woman was on board with some suggested that she could be a mistress of one of the victims.

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