Why Not We Do It Ourselves? – MFA working with foreign governments to evacuate Singaporeans from Yemen



SINGAPORE: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) on Tuesday (Apr 7) said it has been working with foreign governments mounting operations to evacuate “a few Singaporean families” from strife-hit Yemen.

“We are deeply concerned about the deteriorating situation in Yemen,” the MFA said in a press release. “However, it is unclear how long such operations will continue given the fluid ground conditions. MFA is keeping in close touch with the remaining Singaporeans in Yemen.”

It add it will continue to coordinate with other countries to facilitate their departures where possible, reiterating that the safety of Singaporeans is its “immediate priority”.

“We will do our best to help them notwithstanding the difficult circumstances in Yemen,” the press release said.

Last Saturday, Straits Times reported the safe return of Madam Sherin Fathimah and her four children, aged between four and 13, from Yemen. She is married to a Yemeni man, and had been living in Aden since last September.

The ministry advised Singaporeans not to travel to Yemen. For those who are there but yet to get in touch, they are “urged” to contact the 24-hour duty officer.

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