After Failing In Its Core Business, Now SMRT Is Branching Into The Internet (LOL)



SINGAPORE: Transport operator SMRT has announced that it has entered an agreement with OMGTEL (OMG) to work exclusively with OMG in connection with OMG’s bid for Singapore’s fourth wireless telecommunications (telco) carrier licence.

OMG is a company incorporated by local tech firm Consistel on Oct 20, 2014, for the purpose of bidding for the telco licence. It had originally announced its intentions to be the Republic’s fourth telco in October.

Under the announcement posted on the Singapore Exchange on Wednesday (Apr 15), SMRT and OMG will collaborate on the provision of goods and services, and will seek to leverage SMRT’s extensive media presence and commuter reach.

“I thought the SMRT has said that they are going to concentrate on their core business and that is to provide a reliable transport service?” asked John Mani, 54, a hospitality manager.

“And what is the government view of this?”

“Wasn’t the SMRT set up for the sole purpose of running the transport system?”

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