Last Call For Singaporeans In Yemen – Come Home Now!


Last call to save your lives…..

SINGAPORE: Law and Foreign Affairs Minister K Shanmugam on Wednesday (Apr 15) urged Singaporeans in Yemen to leave immediately and not put themselves in serious risk.

As the situation in the country worsens, he said Singapore’s own ability to rescue its citizens becomes limited. More than 40 Singaporeans – including students, homemakers and business people – still remain in Yemen, which has been hit by civil unrest. Most have been contacted either directly or through their next-of-kin, but a handful remain uncontactable.

“I wanted to emphasise the serious situation in Yemen,” he said. “The fighting has been going on for the last six months. And we have issued three advisories, advising citizens to leave and also others not to go there, and since March, you all know that the situation has gotten much worse.”

Mr Shanmugam added: “The problem is despite the obvious risks – given the increased fighting and given the many statements that we, as well as other governments, have been making – nevertheless, there are still more than 40 of our citizens in Yemen. We don’t know the full number, but that’s our estimate. We think there are more than 40.”

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