The Rise Of The Political Entertainers, And The PAP Are Cheering The Loudest


The mother of political entertainers….

By: B Goode

I have written a few articles in the past about political buskers such as Roy Ngerng, Han Hui Hui and Gilbert Goh who go around asking for donations for simply being anti-government. They are entertainers who have found a niche in the entertainment industry.

I admit that I was being a little alarmist. I’ve warned that this gimmick would grow and be a menace to the society simply because it would drown the real political chatter emanating from the silent corners of this politically still sterile country.

If today Low Thia Kiang or Chee Soon Juan were to say something brilliant, and you have people like Amos Yee spewing something about Lee Hsien Loong’s sexual habits, who would command the `airwaves’?

And I have warned that there would be elements that would take advantage of this to sow discord and disharmony.

I am not surprise that now we have a new political beggar; Amos Yee. Amos Yee has now appealed for donations from the public to pay for his legal cost after his video rant about LKY and Christianity. And now apparently he has upped the ante by making disparaging remarks about PM Lee being corrupted. All in order to get into a bigger trouble so as to solicit for bigger donations. Just like getai singers. The more flamboyant the dress, the greater the cheers. Doesn’t matter if the music is crap.

In fact, if you have seen Kumar during his stint at the now defunct Boom Boom Room, you’d agree that Kumar is the pioneer in political entertainment. His stand-up comedy was not only about sex and animals, but littered with political diatribes, and people enjoyed it. Did they take him seriously? No.

When Roy Ngerng started his political begging ruse, people thought that he was really fighting for a good cause. And then his exploits were exposed by netizens and by no less his lawyer himself. His blogposts now solicit more condemnation than sympathy. He and his cohorts have sadly, become caricatures for people to make fun of. And no doubt people would still throw good money at them because they are entertaining.

Amos Yee will not be the last. Brace yourself for more political entertainers to enter the fray. But now that Singaporeans have seen through their `business plan’, they have become just that; entertainers. And Singaporeans don’t take their entertainers seriously.

And guess who will be entertained the most?

The PAP.

Because unknowingly, these entertainers have sucked some airtime out from the opposition.  Whatever the opposition have got to say, would be seen as `old school’, boring and not entertaining. Good luck to them in trying to rise above the din.

And the worst part is that, these entertainers have lumped themselves together with the opposition and the opposition parties are not helping by not distancing themselves from this circus. And now Singaporeans are seeing the opposition as this group of dancing bears and performers doing monkey tricks. They would still pay money no doubt just like they’d pay money to watch Jack Neo’s movies. But would they be interested to know Jack’s political beliefs?

In a way I envy the PAP. They have been given some space to breathe thanks to a group of dancing bears and monkeys with donation cups in their hands.

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