You Poor Girl! – Temasek CEO Ho Ching takes 3-month sabbatical leave


There is this spa in Bali…..

SINGAPORE: Temasek Holdings Chief Executive Officer Ho Ching will be on “part-time sabbatical leave” for three months, according to a statement posted on the investment firm’s website.

Temasek said that her leave took effect from Wednesday (Apr 15).

“She will continue with her Board duties and specific stewardship duties,” according to the statement posted on Wednesday.

Mdm Ho has been Executive Director at Temasek since May 2002 and CEO since January 2004.

No reason was given for the leave, but a Temasek spokesman said Mdm Ho’s leave is not linked to any plans to retire from her post.

Temasek President Lee Theng Kiat will cover her “on all normal course of business at Temasek as an investor and shareholder, as an institution, and as a steward”, according to the statement.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday evening, Mdm Ho thanked her friends and followers for their messages of support.

“Just to let you know not to worry as I’m well. Now is as good a time as any to spend some time on a couple of long standing things which I have wanted to do,” she wrote.

Mdm Ho added that she joked with her team at Temasek that she is “testing out what a sabbatical means”, and that she will be catching up on sleep, as well as doing “more walking”.

“Thanks again and you all take care too!” Mdm Ho wrote.

“Everyone needs a rest once in a while,” said Ah Hock, 73, a cardboard collector.

“Must be all the stress due to LKY’s death and managing all the country’s money.”

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