Chances Are, He Took The Helicopter – Fatty Kim climbs North Korea’s highest mountain



Kim Jong-Un has climbed the highest mountain in North Korea, state-run media claims.

Photos of the country’s leader show him standing on a snowy mountaintop, with the sun behind him.

His father, Kim Jong-Il, is said by the state to have been born on the mountain, however many historians say he was actually born in Russia.

Reports say Kim Jong-Un reached the 2,750-metre peak alongside hundreds of fighter pilots and party officials.

“Climbing Mount Paektu provides precious mental pabulum more powerful than any kind of nuclear weapon,” the Rodong newspaper quoted him as saying to troops.

The purpose of the visit is said to have been to see pilots from the Korean People’s Army who have completed a tour of battle sites in the area.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines “pabulum” as “bland or insipid intellectual matter, entertainment”.

The peak of the volcanic mountain, lying on the border with China, is considered a sacred place in Korean folklore.

It is also part of the propaganda which glorifies the Kim family, who are said to have a “mount Paektu bloodline”.

Recently it has been claimed that Kim could drive by the time he was three years old.

The regime also says that Kim Jong-Il, who ruled until his death in 2011, scored 11 holes-in-one the first time he ever played golf.

Yeah riiiiiiight…….

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One Response to Chances Are, He Took The Helicopter – Fatty Kim climbs North Korea’s highest mountain

  1. Pat Chue says:

    Madmen, Tyrants & Dictators thrive. Often, its best to leave them be… crazy and all.

    History have shown that once removed, their replacements tend to be more horrifying.

    That said, Michelle Obama could do no worse if she sent her hairdresser to style Fatty Kim’s hair. That, would be on humanitarian grounds. Not tobdo that… would be against the Geneva Convention.

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