IDA, You Can Try To Censor But The Question Remains; Do You Or Do You Not Condone Dishonesty? – Nisha Padmanabhan Saga Continues


And you are supposed to be looking at the integrity of our internet infrastructure..

Singapore’s Infocomm Development Authority says it will take greater action to moderate comments on its Facebook page, in the wake of an incident where it hired a consultant who possessed a fake MBA.

It said that it will “actively moderate comments” on its Facebook post following the incident, which in layman term means censorship.

The internet was set ablaze when it was exposed that Nisha Padmanabhan was hired despite possessing a master’s degree that was bought from a degree mill.

And matters were made worst when the IDA defended its recruitment process, saying it was based on her bachelor’s degree, and not her MBA.

The question now is; since the IDA has already been told of her fake MBA, would they still keep a dishonest employee?

And the bigger question is; did she supply her fake MBA to the ICA when she applied for her citizenship?

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