TRIPLE SALUTE! – Unknown Foreign Worker Risks Life To Save Toddler

Salute! Salute! Salute!

SINGAPORE – A foreign worker has been hailed a hero after he climbed to the second floor of a Housing Board block at Jurong East Avenue 1 to save a toddler whose head was stuck between the railings.

According to blogger Alvin Lim, a passer-by who first saw the toddler in that precarious position on Thursday afternoon shouted for help. Two men tried to heave themselves up on the ledge but failed.

A foreign worker who was working on road repairs nearby then came to the rescue.

The worker was seen pulling himself up effortlessly onto the ledge and holding the crying toddler up, while trying to get him back onto the other side of the ledge.

“This man saved a baby’s life. I do not know who he is or what his name is, but I feel that he deserves a medal or at least some publicity for his heroic act,” said Mr Lim in his blog.

According to Mr Lim, the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) arrived five minutes later and helped to free the child.

The flat was apparently empty at the time of the incident as there was no answer when someone knocked on the door.

Do you know who this hero is?

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