Just Because She Wanted To Go Home – Maid jailed for adding eucalyptus oil to breast milk


Poor kid….

A former Indonesian domestic worker was on Monday jailed three years for adding eucalyptus oil into breast milk meant for her employers’ infant son.

Annisa, 28, pleaded guilty to one count of attempting to cause the two-month-old boy to take an unwholesome substance.

On Aug 23 last year, two months after working for her employers, the maid added eucalyptus oil into two packets of breast milk her employer kept in the freezer.

Annisa made sure the tainted packets were put on the outer part of the freezer so they would be used first.

Annisa, who had no lawyer, said she wanted her employer to get angry at her and send her home.

District Judge Lee Poh Choo called it a cruel and unconscionable act.

The judge said: “The victim is only two months old, incapable of protecting himself and rejecting feed. You were employed to look after the baby, not to cause him harm.”

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