Guess Amos Is Not The Only Asshat – Amos Yee Slapped On Way To Court


National asshat, Amos Yee, has just discovered that there is a bigger asshat out there.

As Yee walked to the court house, a middle-aged man in a red shirt, ran up to him and hit him, while shouting. The man then ran off. The teenager’s left eye looked slightly bruised after the attack.

The 16-year-old was at the State Courts to attend a pre-trial conference at 3pm Thursday, after being charged with multiple offences on Mar 31, after posting a video which contained disparaging remarks against Christians.

Yee was remanded after the pre-trial conference, as he refused to set his blog posts to private. He had earlier flouted bail conditions by publishing two posts on his blog. His lawyer Alfred Dodwell said the teen feels very strongly that he has not done anything wrong with his posts.

Yee’s bailor, Mr Law, has since discharged himself. A new bail amount has been set at S$30,000, up from the initial bail of S$20,000, put up by Mr Law, who is unrelated to the Yee family. It is still not known if the 51-year-old will have his S$20,000 forfeited. This will depend on the outcome of a separate hearing where Mr Law will be given the change to put forth his case.

In a Facebook post on Thursday, Law and Foreign Affairs Minister K Shanmugam said the assault was “unacceptable”.

He wrote: “Amos made some statements which are offensive to Christians. He is being charged for that and for an obscenity related issue. (I understand that the charge in respect of his statements on Mr Lee Kuan Yew have been stood down.)

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