Gilbert Goh’s May Day Money-Making Scam Failed To Deliver


Scammer extraordinaire…

Thousands upon thousands of supporters, each wearing yellow and munching on bananas as requested by the organisers

About 150 onlookers and retirees with a lot of time in their hands, gathered at Hong Lim Park on labour day to attend Gilbert Goh’s `I need money to go to Australia’ May Day rally.

The theme of the rally was about…err…something. However the purpose of the rally was made very clear with the existence of two large donation boxes at either side of the stage.

Political bigwigs unknowns from small political parties such as the Reform Party, Singapore Democratic Alliance and Ice Cream Singfirst party took turns to be on stage to read from their prepared speeches.

Unfortunately we are not able to report on their speeches because they spoke in a slurred and incoherent manner. All we can say is that Esme the talking dog could have done a better job.

Also on stage were a few complaint kings activists who seized the opportunity to complain about….err..something.

Darryl Lim, an NUS undergraduate spoke about his fears that he might not be intelligent enough to compete with the foreign undergraduates. He urged the government to stop foreign students from studying in local universities so that perhaps he could have a freepass and an unimpeded path to graduation.

Auntie Mary came on stage despite a sprained leg because how else would people know that she existed as she herself admitted that she was an idiot as far as the internet was concerned. Oh she was a former teacher by the way.

Last but not least, Fatima, an architect better known for designing the longkangs drainage system for our housing estates came on stage to complain about…err..something. We didn’t get what she was saying because by then we were hoping that the rain would come pouring down to provide some relief for a dreadful afternoon.

The rally ended with the tearing of fake faked degrees and with Gilbert Goh, the fearless activist and valiant fighter of the downtrodden advising his supporters to pick-up the torn pieces of the fake faked degrees to prevent any trouble from the NEA.

*Excuse us as we take a moment to LOL!

Gilbert Goh was then seen shepherding the two donation boxes and was heard muttering to his friend: “Aiyah. So little!”

Oh, and they lip-synched to the Majulah Singapura.

You can read here for an expose on Gilbert Goh’s money making scam.

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