As If That Place Is Not Already Crowded Now – Singapore’s High Speed Rail terminus will be located at Jurong East

jurong east

Can’t move. Can’t breathe….

SINGAPORE: The Republic’s terminus for the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High Speed Rail will be located at Jurong East.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced this on Tuesday (May 5) after the Leaders’ Retreat with his Malaysian counterpart Najib Razak.

Jurong East was chosen as it dovetails with Singapore’s overall plans to transform the area into a second Central Business District, according to a statement.

Mr Lee said: “From the train’s point of view, of course the city centre is the best. Then you go from city centre to city centre, then you arrive at the place that you want to be. But from the point of view of cost as well as engineering feasibility, it will be the hardest because it will bring a train all the way from Tuas into the city centre above ground, there’s a lot of space left.

“Underground, frankly there’s also not a lot of space left because underground in Singapore, anywhere you dig, you will find a cable or a tunnel or a pipe or somebody is going to put one there. And so it’s very difficult.

“To put it in Tuas, it’s (the) easiest but quite far away in the city centre and it’s not a centre of activity and business as such. It’s an industrial area. (There are) factories there, refineries, shipyards, but there’s no business.”

He added: “In Jurong East, you have business, you have population, you have a regional centre which is already developing and this will add to the regional centre, because it will make it a very attractive place and people will come in, you are there, at a place you want to be.

“And if you want to be somewhere else, rather than Jurong East … Well, Jurong East is going to be connected to the rest of Singapore with three, four MRT lines in the long term. So you can get on an MRT line, you can be anywhere else including Changi Airport within half an hour.”

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