Malaysian Shop Owner Attempted Suicide Because Of GST



A hardware shop owner attempted suicide yesterday after deciding to close shop because he is unsure how to implement the collection of goods and service tax (GST).

According to a China Press front page report today, the 65-year-old Tan Huo Ming from Teluk Intan, has been deeply troubled by the implementation of GST over the past month.

The report claimed that he has complained to family members and neighbours many times about the system and that he had difficulty learning how to use necessary computer system.

Tan reported had difficulty deciding whether to continue his business, but was persuaded by his family to shut it down today.

While the Tan and his family were about to leave for motherand#39;s day celebration yesterday, he suddenly scaled the fence and entered his neighbours house.

He then passed a pile of cash to his neighbour and consumed a small bottle of insecticide in front of the stunned neighbour.

The neighbour, who refused to be named, tried to stop Tan but failed. Tan pushed the neighbour away and locked himself in a room.

Tan then broke a piece of glass and slit his wrist.

At this juncture, the neighbour called out to Tan, who replied: Donand#39;t bother me, let me die.

With the help of other neighbours, the door was eventually pried open. Tan was found unconscious in a pool of blood.

Tan was still alive when he was brought to the hospital.

His wife told China Press that she believed he resorted to suicide because he could not accept having to lose his business.

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