Amos Yee found guilty of two charges


Get well soon…..

SINGAPORE: Teen blogger Amos Yee Pang Sang was on Tuesday (May 12) found guilty and convicted of two charges – one for making offensive or wounding remarks against Christianity and another for circulating obscene imagery.

He had pleaded not guilty to both charges on May 7. No witness took the stand during the trial. Defence lawyer Alfred Dodwell said that Yee’s police statement is sufficient in explaining Yee’s stance. A third charge, for the 16-year-old’s statements on the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew in a YouTube video, was withdrawn.

In the plea for sentencing Yee’s lawyer Alfred Dodwell said the teen does not want to be considered for probation and wants to be sentenced according to a jail term. The prosecution said the main sentencing consideration should be for rehabilitation and called for counselling and appropriate probation.

The defence called for a fine or two weeks’ jail with the jail term taking into consideration the time that Yee had already spent in remand. Mr Dodwell said Yee has spent close to 18 days in remand.

In his submissions after judgement, Deputy Public Prosecutor Hay Hung Chun said Yee’s actions show him to be a “misguided young man who sought to gain attention for himself” by “deliberately posting obscene material to shock, and deliberately posting material he admits he knew would cause ill will among Christians”.

“His actions are far from being ‘noble’ or imbued with good intentions,” he added. “It was a calculated course of conduct undertaken for the sake of publicity and without regard to the damaging effects on the community.”

“Having said that, taking into account the age and profile of the accused, it is clear that neither a sentence of a fine nor a term of imprisonment would be suitable in the circumstances,” the DPP said, adding that it would be appropriate for the court to call for a probation report.

Yee will be sentenced at a later date and is now out on a $10,000 bail.

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