So Will Goh Meng Seng Form His Own Political Party To Contest The Next GE? What Now Brown Cow?


Childish gimmick…..

By: B Goode

Just as the cock would crow to signal the coming of the dawn, you could be assured of Goh Meng Seng talking rocks as the election nears.

As usual, he is now busy talking about the most popular topic of the day. Not the most pertinent. But the most popular. Amos Yee.

And as you might have already guessed, he is taking the side of Amos Yee simply because Amos Yee is against the government. Anything that is against the government, you can bet that Goh Meng Seng will be supporting it. Doesn’t matter that Amos Yee is also against Christianity.

And you wonder why no established political parties would want anything to do with Goh Meng Seng. Would you want someone who is anti-christian to be in your team? Would you want someone who is myopic without the ability to see the big picture to be in your team? Would you vote for an old man who is childish enough to be photographed with a banana in his hand? Go ask WP or SDP.

And now he is thinking of running against Ya’acob Ibrahim because he thinks that Ya’acob Ibrahim is easy meat. This coming from a self-professed political stalwart cum advisor cum whatever big-shot he thinks he is. Why waste his talent on an `easy-meat’? Why not go for the big fish?

Why be a political coward?

After months of selling `koyok’, apparently still no political parties would want him on board. At least not the political parties that matter. Maybe the Reform Party would want to take him but considering his ego, he might consider the reform party to be too inconsequential for his liking. Anyway, there is already one delusional fool in that party.

So he is left with two alternatives. One is to go independent. Two is to form his own party.

Going independent will certainly be out of his character. Having an ego the size of Ayers Rock, he would want to be seen as leading a team of like-minded people. Going independent would mean that no one shared his vision. But most importantly, without a party to tag his name with, the electorates would not know who he is. They would be scratching their heads to find out who Goh Meng Seng is. It is not like he has been busy doing the ground work. He has done none. All he does is to update his facebook and blog. How many people would actually want to spend their precious time reading those? They’d rather be watching Hong Kong or Korean dramas.

So he is left with forming his own party. That might be too much of a hard-work for someone who has done zero mileage as far as doing the groundwork is concerned. Most importantly, who would want to join his party? Who would want to join a party headed by an anti-Christian?

Maybe the same bunch of banana-munching Hong Lim parkers would. If that is the case, then good luck to him. He sure will be entertaining. Remember the late Harban Singh? Goh Meng Seng is the new Harban Singh. Political entertainer extraordinaire.

Well perhaps it is an insult to associate the late Harban Singh with Goh Meng Seng.

At least Harban Singh wasn’t an anti-Christian.

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