Bananas Shoved Down Their Throats And Candles Up Their Asses – The Amos’ Supporters Running Scared


Happy now….?

By: B Goode

So the Cookie Monster is at it again. Just after been found guilty and released on bail, he accused his ex-bailor of molesting him. And then he admitted that he lied.

He had accused his father of being an abuser before. He called his mother a bitch. He made derogatory remarks about Christianity.

I could see a trend now.

Amos Yee is just a special snowflake who craves for attention and in so doing, has total disregard about the damage he may have caused to those around him.

What is more laughable is that adults, who should have known better, got twirled around his manipulative little finger.

Adults like Goh Meng Seng, Kenneth Jeyaratnam, Roy Ngerng, Gilbert Goh, you know, the usual suspects.

And now they are all running like blue-ass flies trying to dissociate themselves from the enfant terrible.

But it is too late now. The damage that they have done to their reputation and credibility is all but total. The pictures of them eating bananas and performing a candlelight vigil will forever show how stupid and despicable they all are. Instead of advising Amos Yee as adults should, they all groomed and enabled him to such an extent that he attempted to destroy the life of an innocent man whose only sin was to bail him out.

How I wish Amos Yee would accuse all of them of some despicable acts and shove the bananas down their throats and the candles up their asses.

That would show them.

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