HAHAHA! – Singapore wins bid to host 2019 Intelligent Transport Systems Congress


They still don’t get it…..

SINGAPORE: The Republic has won the bid to host the 26th Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) World Congress in 2019, announced the Land Transport Authority (LTA) in its news release on Friday (May 15).

The annual Congress is an international platform for government agencies, industry players and academic and research institutions to exchange information, share views and review the latest ITS products, services, plans, technological achievements and upcoming trends, said LTA.

It typically attracts about 5,000 participants worldwide, they added.

LTA’s chief Chew Men Leong said, “We are honoured to be chosen to host the ITS World Congress in 2019. With Singapore moving towards being a Smart Nation, we are well placed to host this prestigious event.  We will take this opportunity to showcase how we have been able to use smart technology and other innovative ways to transform our land transport systems and, in turn, improve travelling experience of all users.”

The host of the ITS World Congress rotates among America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. For the Asia-Pacific, Melbourne will host the Congress in 2016, followed by Singapore in 2019.

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