Not In Singapore You Won’t – Man to pay SGH and surgeon S$540,000 for failed negligence suit


Not so easy hor…..

SINGAPORE: A man who failed in his lawsuit against the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) and one of its orthopaedic surgeons was ordered to pay each of the defendants S$270,000 in legal costs on Thursday (May 14).

Mr Andrew Chua must also pay fees for disbursements and an assessor, whom the High Court specially appointed to hear the case.

Mr Chua, 54, had undergone a spine surgery performed by Dr Yue Wai Mun in 2007 after suffering an acute slipped disc that left him paralysed. When his condition did not improve after the operation, he filed a suit in October 2012 against Dr Yue and the hospital, claiming negligence.

Among other things, he claimed that Dr Yue was wrong to have operated on him from the back and had failed to order an MRI scan immediately after the surgery. Mr Chua alleged that these factors impeded his recovery.

High Court Judge Woo Bih Li dismissed the suit and said that the “many shifts” in Mr Chua’s case throughout the trial had “damaged his claim beyond repair”. In a written judgment released last week, the judge also criticised two expert witnesses called by Mr Chua, describing their testimonies as illogical and unconvincing.

“Andrew appears convinced that his condition would have improved if not for the negligence of Dr Yue. Ironically…it may well be that if it were not for Dr Yue’s surgery, Andrew would not even have improved to his present condition,” said the judge.

Dr Yue’s lawyer Lek Siang Pheng said the judge’s cost assessment was in line with the range they had requested.

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