Oh Really? – Amos Yee “extremely remorseful” for allegations of molest against former bailor


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SINGAPORE – Teenage blogger Amos Yee has said that he is “extremely remorseful” for his claims that his former bailor Vincent Law had molested him.

In a note posted on his Facebook page at about 1.30am on Friday morning, he said he is “currently tendering a long, and detailed public apology to Vincent and his family, for my horrid actions”, and that he needs three days to finish preparing it.

“I am extremely remorseful for the turmoil that I have caused to Vincent and his family, for the allegations towards him that he molested me,” he said.

“I am currently tendering a long, and detailed public apology to Vincent and his family, for my horrid actions. And I implore him to give me about 3 days to finish preparing it, I am a slow writer…”

The note comes a day after Mr Law, a family and youth counsellor, demanded an “unreserved apology” from Yee after the teenage blogger claimed he had molested him.

Mr Law, 51 – who initially posted bail of $20,000 for the teenager last month – said he has told Yee’s parents that he wants the 16-year-old to apologise publicly and fully retract the allegation, otherwise he would “take legal action” for defamation.

Mr Law had stepped up to bail him out after his parents refused to do so, but discharged his responsibilities after Yee breached the conditions of his bail. The condition was that Yee was not to post anything online.

When contacted this morning, Mr Law said that he is still reserving comment on Yee’s latest post.

“I’ll wait and see. He said three days, didn’t he?,” Mr Law told the Straits Times.

In his note the teenager also invoked religion to plead his cause.

“I understand that Vincent is a Christian and preaches the tenant of forgiveness. So praise Jesus, our holy Christ, please offer me, a second chance.”

The teenager was found guilty on Tuesday of uploading an obscene image and making remarks intending to hurt the feelings of Christians, after a two-day trial last week.

Yee will be sentenced on June 2, pending the outcome of a probation report.

On Tuesday, the court reduced the bail sum to $10,000, with no conditions attached.

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