Pay Through The Nose For Something That Comes Out From The Arse – 500 DBSS flat-buyers up in arms over finished product



SINGAPORE: His Design, Build and Sell Scheme (DBSS) flat was supposed to be of a higher design quality than a regular public housing unit, but Mr Andy Tan told TODAY he found his three-room unit at Trivelis in Clementi a “total disappointment”.

Two sanitary pipes and a water heater, which were not depicted in the project’s showflats, were exposed and clearly visible in his kitchen, Mr Tan said. The living room floor tiles were scratched, and even after replacing a few of them, contractors were unable to polish out the scratches on the remaining tiles.

Mr Tan is among nearly 500 Trivelis residents who are up in arms over various problems with the development, such as shattered shower glass panels and narrow common corridors that are prone to flooding. Most of the residents were issued their keys in January.

A group of residents, who come from almost half of the 888 units that make up the project, have formed a committee to present their concerns to the developer, EL Development (ELD), and other relevant authorities.

In a circular to residents, which was received by TODAY on Wednesday (May 13), the committee listed other problems that residents have faced, such as kitchen cabinet dimensions that do not allow for a standard-sized oven to be fitted, pole-system wardrobes that lack shelves, defective stove knobs, stain-prone kitchen countertops and rusty dish racks.

The committee has accused ELD of being slow to respond to their emails and refusing the team’s request to meet the managing director in person. “When the committee met (the managing director’s) representatives on April 12, (they said) ELD’s position remained that ELD’s designs and building works are cleared by the relevant authorities and (they) meet all minimum (requirements). It is, therefore, not obligated to entertain our requests for redress,” the committee said in its circular.

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