Chill Lah Uncles! You Can Still Get Them At Coffeeshops – Beer Ladies Will Stop Service At Hawker Centres


Relax ahhh..

The nanny state strikes again!

In what seems to be yet another attack on Singapore’s low-brow culture, breweries have been asked to withdraw their beer promoters from the 107 markets and hawker centres managed by the National Environment Agency (NEA). This coming on the heels of the Alcohol bill whoich illegalised alcohol consumption at public places after 10pm.

The reasons given by NEA are amongst other things, to prevent touting amongst the various drink stalls and that hawker centres are essential social infrastructure and important communal spaces – they provide a family friendly, clean and hygienic environment for patrons and families to enjoy good food at affordable prices.”Promoters have stopped working at hawker centres for about two weeks.

NEA also reiterated that non-Singaporeans are also not allowed to operate or assist at hawker stalls.

Some uncles we spoke to simply could not understand the logic behind the ruling. They argued that the beer ladies are entertaining and provide a light relief after a hard day’s work.

Tan Hock Eng, 72 said that if only his wife would serve him a cold beer everynight he wouldn’t have to come to the hawker centre. Unfortunately his wife died 10 years ago.

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