HAHAHA! – Woman who sought $3.3 million for knee fracture in fall gets $9,000 in court award


We are sorry for your misfortune…..

She tries to sue a hotel for negligence for causing her to fall and fracture her knee. She claims that she can’t walk for long distances but a video of her taking a long walk prooves that she is basically a money-grabbing liar.

Briton Pamela Mykytowych wants 3.3 million as compensation but instead has to settle for $9,000.

Justice Choo Han Teck in judgment grounds released on Thursday remarked that the claims for physical injury were “not difficult” to assess, which he set at $12,000. He also awarded about $6,000 more for pre-medical and transport costs. She therefore was awarded $9,000 at 50 per cent liability.

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